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My name is Isaiah Mendez and I'm 18.BN LyfeStile '08 Mindset

For all that matter, it sucks when good bands naturally get shitty. (E.g. Confide) this album is bomb but that’s it.
Why don’t bands make post hardcore like this anymore. Like fuckin jr highschool gold.

Just a reminder, The Complete Tragedy Series Collection is now available for preorder from most major booksellers! Powell’s Books, my favorite local literature retailer, is a great place to order if you want to support both independent sellers and the comic simultaneously.

Why does shit never work out. Fucking ever, like whyyyyy does anything even matter enough? Like fuck I just wanna cuss loudly and punch something but I know better kinda

Blacked out for a sec and puked a bunch last night. Now I’m hungover.
But when I stumbled into my room and laid to rest my lil bro through something at me. I was like, “What is this!?” He was like “A fruit-by-the-foot” “thank you Sooo much”

Story of my Life

What happened to your knuckles

That fucking hurts

My mom just told me she feels like she failed as a single mom raising me and my older brother.

We Were Promised Jetpacks Quiet Little Voices


The more aware I am of how unchilled I’m feeling the harder it is to chill